Leader Newsletter 2022-11-25


Welcome To the new leaders that have joined Hack Club in the last 2 weeks:

  • ❄️ Mara and Karrar in Minnesota
  • 🎨 Rafia and Keyla from Pennsylvania
  • 🏀 Mihai from Romania
  • 🎮 ♟️ ⚽ Valerii, Pradyun and Jeremy from Germany
  • Rehan and Yuvan from Arizona
  • 🏃⚾ Allen and Octavian from Alameda, CA
  • 🎻 Peter from Florida

👋 It's Holly back to tell you about cool things going on at Hack Club! Here's what's happening right now. Check out past editions here.

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The first major hackathon of the new year: in India 🇮🇳

🚀 Sign-ups for Epoch are LIVE! Be part of the biggest New Year's event a hacker could hope for. With ₹12.5 Lakh in travel stipends available, everyone's invited!

Can't travel? Help organize #epoch-at-home, a cool idea of Maggie's to bring the magic of Epoch to every Hack Clubber in the world!🌎

Epoch banner

Your Sprig, so close you can smell it 🌱

Are you or your club members so close to finishing your games? Is your PR within reach, but you just need a little help? We're here!

If you Send us your progress within the next week, we'll have Sprigsters like Lucas, Kognise and Sam available to get you un-stuck and that much closer to getting your Sprig in the mail 📬

Leader's Meeting Schedule 📣

We had an awesome meeting on 11/12. Thanks to everyone who joined and especially to Neesh and Soham for moderating 💖 Here's the recording if you missed it

Here's the schedule of upcoming meetings. We'd love to see you there - RSVP here!

  • December 10 - Club Engagement: workshops, advice, Sprig.
  • January 14 - Hackathons/Hack Club Bank
  • February 11 - Leader's game night!
  • March 11 - Club turnover: What to do when the leader's graduating
  • April 15 - Summer connection

✨Want to suggest a topic? Reach out to me :)

Leader Meeting

Scrapbook BETA 🙌

Get out into the 🌲Redwoods and beta test the new Scrapbook platform the community has been creating for clubs and hackathons! They’re going to begin beta testing next week and are looking for clubs to try it out in their meetings!

Check out sam's scrapbook video below & email sam@hackclub.com to make a difference!

Sam's video thumbnail

Upcoming AMA sneak peek❗

On December 9th @ 7pm ET We'll be talking to Justin Truman, an engineer and the chief development officer at Bungie who worked on Destiny (1&2), Halo: Reach, amongst others. 👀 Watch for the offical announcement and instructions for RSVP in the coming week!

✨Have an AMA idea to share? Want a preview of upcoming AMAs? Check out #amas in Slack!

BTW, if you missed the George Hotz AMA, here’s the recording! It's already got over 20K views!

🎧 I’ve recently been listening to Lissom. Their music is ethreal and instrumental and amazing for those times when I just need to focus.

Talk soon!


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