Leader Newsletter 2023-03-03


Welcome to the new leaders that have joined Hack Club in the last 2 weeks:

  • 🪐 SeifEldeen and Abdalla from Gauteng, South Africa
  • 🎹 David from Rivers State, Nigeria
  • 🐈 Doruk from Istanbul, Turkey
  • 🎨 Angela, Brianna and Cherise from San Diego, California
  • 📚 Hasmieu from Arizona, USA
  • ⚽ Eric from North Carolina, USA

👋 It's Holly here with the current awesome things you and your club can get involved in! 💫Check out past editions here.

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📆 Leader meeting March 11th

This time we're talking turnover - how to successfully pass on your Hack Club when you graduate 🧑‍🎓 or you need to change leadership for some other reason. Join us Saturday March 11th at 9pm EST for a discussion and get a sneak peak 👀 at the new turnover flow we're building!

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Leader meeting

Playtest with your club🧪

Mix up a club meeting by introducing playtesting! Playtesting is an integral part of software development that gives the teams a chance to really see the current builds, discover bugs and provide feedback. Hack Club has two projects that are perfect for playtesting: Play together, then open the floor for discussion. Take notes and either DM them to me or show the Club how to submit their own GitHub issues!

  • 🌱 Sprig just got a big UI update particularly introducing an email-based account system so that people will no longer lose their work in progress locally. Your feedback on this is so valuable! Particularly as club Leaders, since you're the ones running Sprig sessions.❗NOTE: It's still in beta and code in the dev environment may be at risk!
  • 👻🛷SineRider, a game about love and math built by Hack Clubbers, just hit their beta milestone. Test the puzzles, explore the UI, and let us know what you think! Check this post for instructions and go to http://sinerider.hackclub.dev/ to try it out. ❗NOTE: Sinerider's not supported on mobile yet!

Sprig editor Sinerider

🖊️ Things are happening

Ella, Leo and others from the community have been working on the next big Hack Club hardware project: an accessible, tabletop drawing machine!

📣 Now, you can contribute too! In the week ahead, design a pen holder for the machine and post it in #development-of-things-and-stuff on Slack. Then, we’ll mail you something from Hack Club HQ perhaps even 3D-print your pen holder and send it to you!? Find design requirements and other details here.

✔️Submit your designs by Sunday, March 12th, end-of-day in your time zone!✔️

pen holder

🤝 Help out your leader community!

It's an awesome feeling when you run a club meeting that just... works. Help other leaders feel that way too! If you've run a unique workshop in your club that went really well, or you've made slides or other resources that you're really proud of, share them in #open-source-slides on Slack or send them to me to inspire and support other clubs around the world! 💖 Maybe you'll even get a surprise from me!

📋 Some other stuff to check out:

Talk soon!


🎧 I've been listening to just about everything recently, from Dayseeker to SAULT, but a song I'm in love with right now is Run Away to Mars by TALK 🎵

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