Leader Newsletter 2022-12-09


Welcome to the new leaders that have joined Hack Club in the last 2 weeks:

  • 🇵🇱 Jan and team from Poland
  • 🎻 🏀 🎮 Sarah, Berdan and Connor from Ontario, Canada
  • 💻 David from Georgia, USA
  • ⚡ 🤖 Kai and Karmanyaah from Ohio and Texas, USA
  • 🇮🇳 Krishna from New Delhi, India
  • 🎹 Kazybek in Singapore, but from Kazakhstan
  • 🏏 Gaurav from New Delhi, India

👋 It's Holly here with current awesome things going on that you can share with your club! Check out past editions here💫.

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🚨 TONIGHT @ 7pm ET/4pm PT

Talk 1:1 to Justin Truman 🎮 and ask him anything about helping run one of the most successful AAA game studios, Bungie, where he was engineering lead and for Destiny and head of engineering for HALO! He was also both design director and production director for Destiny 2!

RSVP on Slack for the meeting link✨

Justin Truman AMA

🗺️ Join the teenagers Hacking New Year's at Epoch

⏳ Registrations and stipend requests are still open!!

Wait, you can't make it to 🇮🇳India? No problem - there's an Epoch near you!


Epoch Satellites

Leader's Meeting Tomorrow, Dec 10 at 7pm ET 📣

Join @arianna, a club leader in Kentucky, and other leaders for a discussion about keeping club meetings engaging. We'll also have @Ella on the call from HQ who's been working on hardware for Sprig and all sorts of other awesome projects for Clubs and Bank!

RSVP or react to this post in Slack for the meeting link ✨

Leader Meeting Event

Sprig help is HERE!🌱 share this help with your club members too!

If you've been thinking about making a game, or you got a start but haven't finished yet, now's the time! You can get one of 300 remaining consoles to play your game in your hand❗

  • Sprigsters (who have shipped 20+ games between them!!) are available and willing to do 1:1 calls with your club or pair programming for help and inspiration. ➡️ reply to this email to get help! ⬅️
  • Join the Sprig channel for help and game ideas
  • Leo just made 2 new Sprig intro videos: video 1 and video 2
  • Check out sam's new workshop

📣 Shout out to Sprigsters Lucas, Omay, Sam, The456gamer, DevIos, Oisín and others in the #sprig channel who've been jumping in to help hack clubbers finish their Sprig games!

Sprig Top

🎧 I’ve recently been listening to Amber Run, especially this song. They're a really great indie band who's lead singer gives me Kit Harington vibes

❓❕ hmmmmm... I saw this the other day and I'm really curious what it means. Any guesses?


Talk soon!


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