Leader Newsletter 2023-03-31


Welcome to the new leaders that have joined Hack Club in the last 2 weeks:

👋 It's Holly here with the current awesome things you and your club can get involved in! 💫Check out past editions here.

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Scrapbook for your club 🙌

Ever wanted a portfolio of all your club's projects? Thanks to Sam and team, now you can create a Scrapbook profile for your club entirely from the web! This gives your members a space to share what they’re creating in your club with the world. Everyone can react to posts just like in #scrapbook, even if your members aren't in Slack!

Head to Scrapbook to create your club page! Custom domains & CSS are supported (these pages would make for sick club websites!)

Scrapbook v2 is in beta at the moment, so bugs are expected, please let us know in #scrapbook-dev on Slack. 👀 Watch for an exciting tie-in coming soon!


🎨 Draw something

I've been watching some cool things come together on the drawing machine project that Leo, Ella and team have been working on. This week, they added a TODO list which you should check out. After that, ✨ take a look at the issues for opportunities to contribute to the project

Specifically, this issue asks for generative art contributions (it'd even make a really good club meeting 👀). See this workshop if you need a way to get started 🌈


❇️ Club workshop highlight ❇

Aditya and Pranav recently ran a workshop on cybersecurity/cryptology that I thought was really cool. They gave me permission to share it so you can hack on it and try in your own club meetings!

Meeting ppt.pdfDecode.pdfDecode Answers.pdf

➡️From Aditya: "Most people worked in small group of 2 to 3 and it took everyone the whole meeting to get the answer. Most of our members don't have a ton of prior experience with computer science and programming (I don't think any of them have anything related to cybersecurity before)." "...It could be more cyber security focused depending on the experience level of the club members. We gave candy to anyone who finished the puzzle..."⬅️

✨If you have a workshop idea you'd like to share, DM me!✨

Till next time!


🎧 Recently, I've discovered Ayoni, who's music "...pushes the sonic boundaries by infusing [her] moody and ethreal pop sound with the beautiful adaptation of island soul." I'm especially fond of this song🎵

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