Welcome to our workshops library, where you’ll find all the workshops offered by Hack Club.

Workshops are essentially written lessons that help familiarize you with new tools and concepts.

Each workshop is around an hour long and walks you through the process of building something™ (like a website, app, or game). Instead of starting out solely on learning concepts, our philosophy that the best way to learn to code is to immediately get your feet wet and build real things.

Our workshops are a great way to get started! We recommend that you go through these workshops, as well as set aside a few hours after each to further improve what you build – for example, adding multiplayer support to Soccer game.

There are three tiers of workshops:

  • Core: Workshops ready to be run in club meetings.
  • Experimental: Anything in progress: from a half-formed idea, to a workshop missing its conclusion.
  • Retired: Workshops no longer actively supported by Hack Club and may contain errors, bugs, and monsters.

If you’re interested in writing or contributing to a workshop, you can get started by checking out the contribution guide – or ask us in #meta on the Slack.

Likewise, if you have any questions or run into any trouble, please reach out to us in our Slack channel (click here for instructions on joining Slack) :smile:.

Workshop Order

We recommend you run through these workshops first. They are built with total beginners in mind, so don’t worry if you haven’t coded before.

You’ll start off by building your first website and will eventually make your way through the fundamentals of game making.

  1. Preface: This is a coding introduction. Have people read this before doing any of the workshops.
  2. Personal Website: Set up your development tools and build your first website.
  3. That Was Easy: Create a website with interactive elements.
  4. Geometric Pattern: Create rad shapes and patterns through code.
  5. Dodge: Build your first browser game.
  6. Platformer: Build on what you learned in Dodge to create your second, more complex game.
  7. Collaborative Sketch: Use your new database skills to create a real-time collaborative drawing app.
  8. Dashboard: Build a personal dashboard showing the local weather and latest news.

The List

Core Workshops

Workshop Technologies What You Build Author
Preface Your mind This isn’t a workshop. Have members read this before anything else. Hack Club staff
Personal Website HTML & CSS Build your first website and get set up on all the things Hack Club staff
Slack Your computer Not a regular workshop. Gets your members set up on Slack. Hack Club staff
Cringe 101 HTML & CSS Cringe 101 will give you the tools to create the most cringiest website ever. @nguyenbrian, @JevinSidhu, @uditdesai, and @vaibhavyadaram
Dashboard HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Build a personal dashboard with the weather and latest news @samayshamdasani
That Was Easy HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Website with clickable buttons that make sounds @jkwok91
The Dawgshop JavaScript Learn to dynamically modify webpages with jQuery, dawg @nguyenbrian, @JevinSidhu, @uditdesai, and @vaibhavyadaram
Geometric Pattern JavaScript & p5.js Super cool geometric pattern with Processing @jkwok91
Find Bigfoot HTML & CSS, JavaScript A really simple game about finding Bigfoot @ad510
Dodge JavaScript A bullet dodging game Hack Club staff
Platformer JavaScript & p5.js A simple side-scrolling platformer game @jkwok91
Collaborative Sketch p5.js & Firebase A real-time collaborative drawing pad @jkwok91
Swiper Swift (requires OS X) Make a fun and addicting iOS game using Swift and SpriteKit @zach-cmiel
Twine Twine (web interface) Build a text adventure game @remixz

Experimental Workshops

These workshops are either unfinished or untested.

Workshop Technologies What You Build Author
Rails Notes Ruby on Rails Build a simple notes app with Rails. @lachlanjc JavaScript A clone of @Bogidon
Chat JavaScript & Firebase A real-time chat application Hack Club staff

Retired Workshops

:warning: These workshops are no longer maintained. They may contain errors and are not recommended for club use. Here be dragons.

Workshop Technologies What You Build Author
Portfolio HTML & CSS A simple portfolio website @jonleung
Git and GitHub Git Introduction to Git and using it with GitHub @nguyenbrian, @JevinSidhu, @uditdesai, and @vaibhavyadaram
GitHub Pages Git Get your website online using GitHub’s free hosting service @sethtrei
Cloud9 Cloud9 (code editor) A fully configured Cloud9 account ready to use for development @Bogidon
Maze JavaScript A “Scary Maze Game” clone Hack Club staff
Notes to Self JavaScript, DOM manipulation, and localStorage An online personal journal @jkwok91
Soccer JavaScript A simple soccer game Hack Club staff
Twilio JavaScript (only works in North America) A website that makes phone calls and texts Hack Club staff

Contributing to the Workshops

Interested in contributing to our workshops? Look here and here. Beginners welcome!